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Holey Moley Desserts


Looking for a special birthday cake, cupcakes or sugar cookies for your next toddler birthday or other special occasion?

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Address: Pimpama QLD 4228 (Pick up – or local delivery for an extra cost)

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Simply inspire Leah at Holey Moley Desserts with your photos, party theme, ideas or check out the photos in the Fun Things for Toddler’s gallery below to get inspiration for a delightful and delicious creation Leah can make for you for your next special occasion.

Leah is a mum of 3 beautiful girls and the owner and creator of Holey Moley Desserts a Licensed Home Business.

Leah has a passion for decorating and creating perfect dessert for any occasion and it shows in each and every delectable dessert.

If you are looking for:

πŸŽ‚ Cakes (you name it)
🧁 Cupcakes
🍫 Hot Chocolate drinking bombs
πŸͺ Cookie packs (occasions and personalised)
πŸ–Œ Personalised items
πŸŽ‰ Special occasions packs
🍨 Dessert Cups
🍰 Slices

Reach out to Leah on the Holey Moley Facebook Page to find out more. Pimpama Pick up or local delivery for an extra cost.


Toddler Review

We first met Leah when looking for cake makers that also made paint your own sugar cookies for Harper’s 3rd Birthday party. I came across the Holey Moley Desserts Facebook page and after seeing all the images of Leah’s beautiful birthday cakes, cookies, cupcakes and desserts and I knew I had to reach out to find out more.

Leah was fantastic to work with. She simply asked about the party theme, colours and what flavours Harper liked and then got to work on some spectacular birthday cupcakes and paint your-own-cookies for Harper’s rainbow, unicorn and heart toddler party theme (Harper doesn’t do things in halves!).

On the big day it was raining so we moved our at-home birthday party inside and I was very glad to have Paint-Your-Own Cookies for each child to keep them entertained along with more traditional party games like pass the parcel and musical chairs. When you have party full of children quietly sitting and painting their cookies you know you have a hit on your hands.

We usually do a piΓ±ata at our Birthday parties and once it cracks open we collect the spoils and divide everything up into lolly bags as the take home gift. This is a fun way to combine a party game and party lolly bags. If this isn’t for you, paint your own cookies or personalised birthday cookies are another good option for birthday party take home gifts for guests.

When the big birthday cake moment came along all the children were in awe of the beautiful cupcakes. After singing Happy Birthday, the room fell silent again as the toddlers tucked into their own cupcake. Leah’s cakes and cookies look fantastic but they are absolutely delicious too – the perfect combination.

If you live near Pimpama and are looking for a special birthday cake, cupcakes, sugar cookies and/or dessert for your next toddler birthday or other special occasion reach out to Leah and find out more. But don’t leave it too late, with such beautiful and delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies and desserts Holey Moley bookings can fill up fast.

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