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Kokomo Kitchen + Bar Coomera



Kokomo, a place you wanna go, to get away from it all.  Kokomo Kitchen + Bar in Coomera that is!


Key Details

Address: 199 Beattie Road, Coomera QLD 4209

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: typically 16–26 min (15.3km)

Contacts:  0432 574 108   Website   Facebook   Instagram

Hours: Open 7 days. Mon to Wed 6.30am – 2.30pm. Thurs 6.30am – 3pm. Fri 6.30am – 4pm. Sat: 7am – 2.30pm. Sun: 8am – 2.30pm.


A tropical oasis hidden inside The Boat Works Coomera.  It’s an idyllic spot, perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or coffee and a snack. 

Atmosphere and Staff

Think tropical island getaway right here on the Gold Coast. A place you can visit 7 days a week to get away from it all and enjoy breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, snacks or an afternoon cocktail. 

There are many usual features that will fascinate the children and add to the island getaway feel including:
🥥 A trawler style boat on one side of the main dining area,
🥥 Being surrounded by lush greenery and gardens at every table,
🥥 A big grassy spot with the Kokomo sign
🥥 The beach space overlooking the Superyacht Basin along the Coomera River

The Food

Kokomo offer takeaway or dine in options 7 days a week. Tasty cafe food menu at a reasonable price.

Especially For the Kids…..

Garden Play

The highlight for my two children was exploring the gardens and outside beach area. They loved first walking through the winding cafe then discovering the wider gardens and space. They went searching for all the different fruits and veggies they could see growing on the numerous plants and trees. They also enjoyed looking at the superyachts and climbing on the large anchors in the gardens. It really is a lovely spot for adults and kids.

Kids Menu

Individual kids menu with breakfast and lunch options. See photo gallery.

Wait there’s more

Kokomo is definitely kid friendly but it is also pet friendly, so if you are looking for a cafe destination with your fur baby, look no further.

Kokomo also offers happy hour specials and live music. Check their socials for more info.


Toddler Review

First I want to apologise if my boating terminology is incorrect!

We were catching up with friends and decided at the last moment to meet up at a local cafe for a late breakfast. We were in transit so I pulled over and referred to trusty Google to search Cafes near me. When I did, Kokomo Kitchen + Bar came up. I had heard mention of Kokomo from some other local Mum’s as a place to visit with or without the kids. Our destination was chosen.

Now, even with the assistance of Google Maps, I found it difficult to find Kokomo within The Boatworks Coomera. It really is a hidden gem and also because I second guessed Google when it told me to turn towards the water where many boats were dry docked and standing tall on stands. Well, as usual I shouldn’t have second guessed the mighty Google as Kokomo’s car park is set among these very boats. If it helps they are located in the North yard adjacent to the Superyacht basin (J -Arm).

It is a beautiful spot with a secluded tropical feel. There are many usual features that will fascinate the children including a trawler style boat on one side of the main dining area, being surrounded by lush greenery and gardens at every table, the grassy spot with the Kokomo sign and beach area overlooking the Superyacht Basin along the Coomera River.

The children loved exploring the gardens and trying to find the growing fruits and vegetables, playing in the sand, and climbing on the large anchors overlooking the superyachts.

The breakfast menu had lots of options and there is also a separate kids menu. The whole table was happy with their chosen meals and we had a lovely group breakfast.

On our next visit, I would consider bringing a picnic blanket and sand toys so I could enjoy a coffee in the sunshine whilst the kids play.

Kokomo Kitchen + Bar Coomera is a cafe to add to your Toddler Friendly Eats list!


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Snacks (back-up if there are any meal delays) 
  • Wipes for spills and toddler clean-up
  • Bibs (if out for dinner and your toddlers are bathed and ready for bed) 
  • Picnic Blanket and sand toys to make the most of the beach area
  • Tablet / phone or dinner table friendly toys for back up


Photo Gallery

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