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Bischof Pioneer Park Nerang



Bischof Pioneer Park in Nerang is a local neighbourhood park with a playground, picnic facilities and a little slice of Gold Coast history.

Key Details

Address: 38 Nerang Street, Nerang 4211

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 20 minutes (27.8km)


Bischof Pioneer Park is a short walk from Sugar Royalty (formerly Kylie’s Cupcakery), we highly recommend planning a trip here with a stop off for a delicious  sweet treat.

Key Features

  • Large central playground with lots to climb and discover with multiple slides, bridge and interactive games


  • Horse Rocker


  • Swing Set


  • Shade structure over playground


  • BBQ Facilities


  • Large Gazebo with picnic tables


  • Street Car parking


  • Large open green space that is perfect for a picnic or to kick a ball around


  • Public Toilet facilities


Historical features in Bischof Pioneer Park include the Maid of Sker and Preece House:

Maid of Sker Riverboat
The Maid of Sker, a maritime vessel built in 1884, is a heritage-listed riverboat that has its resting place in this park, in the vicinity of its original loading wharf. From 1893 to the early 1930s, the Maid of Sker made a weekly trip carrying cargo from Brisbane to Southport and Nerang. It is a characteristic example of an iron hulled, general cargo vessel of the late 19th century that evolved over time to meet the changing needs of water transport. As the last locally surviving riverboat from this time, the Maid of Sker is a reminder of the local river trade activities which are no longer practiced.

Preece House
Preece House, a heritage-listed timber building circa 1948, is also located within the park



Toddler Review

We came across Bischoff Pioneer Park on a visit to Sugar Royalty (formerly Kylie’s Cupcakery). It was great to burn off some sugary energy at this lovely little park in Nerang.

We always love to discover a new park and playground on our many toddler outings but what we loved most about Bischof Pioneer Park was discovering the unique and quaint little slices of Gold Coast history on show here.

Both toddlers loved taking a look at the riverboat Maid of Sker and the heritage listed Preece House and learning a little about Gold Coast history from reading out the information on the placards in the park.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles
  • Bikes, Trikes, Scooters, Skates, Skateboards
  • Snacks and/or Packed Picnic or BBQ lunch


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