Underwood Park, Logan

Underwood Park Logan


Take a trip north for 26 minutes down the M1 and discover one of the best parks and playgrounds in Logan. Underwood Park has so much for the whole family (including your toddler) to explore, play and discover. 


Key Details

Address: 982-1006 Underwood Road, Priestdale QLD 4127

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Time from Ormeau HQ: 26 minutes (29.2km)

Contacts: Website             


Underwood Park is a large beautiful park that has something for every member of the family including the dog!

  • Natural Lagoon & Boardwalk
  • Skate Bowl
  • BMX Track
  • Soccer Fields
  • Cricket Facility
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Rugby League Field
  • Softball Facility
  • Dog Off Leash Enclosure
  • Netball Courts
  • Contemplation Area / Community Gardens
  • Amphitheatre
  • Ceremonial Area with Gazebo and Bridge
  • Public Toilets
  • and FUNderwood Hollow
  • plus Barbeques, Picnic Shelters

Of all that is available at Underwood Park here are the park facilities that should be on your Toddler Must See List:

FUNderwood Hollow

FUNderwood Hollow is an awesome playground with five distinct play areas:

Shaded Traditional Style Playground

Under large yellow and blue shade sails in a large sand based play space sits the more traditional playground. It is a sprawling structure with lots of ramps, bridges, stairs, interactive games and slides to entertain your toddler. In this area there is also swings, sand diggers, rockers and a flying fox.

Fairy Tale Fort

A whimsical wooden play structure with stairs, ramps, bridges and ladders to climb. Little crooked houses throughout the fort with odd shaped windows to spy out inspire imaginative play. The fort design was inspired by the story of Peter Pan and it is easy to see the lost boys and girls playing within.

The fairy Tale fort visually attracts you to it no matter where you are with FUNderwood Hollow.

Rope Climb Play 

Across another wooden bridge sitting amongst large established trees is the rope climb play area which has two rope playground structures for the lost boys and girls to discover and play in and on.

Nature Play Space

Surrounded by trees is the nature play space. The area seems to be surrounded by fa dry creek bed with several wooden bridges to cross. There are concrete tunnels, rocks, tree stumps and fallen logs to play in or climb on.  The highlight in this area for my two toddlers was the water play course with pump that flows down into the dry creek bed.

Bike Monorail and Whirly Bikes

Positioned between the bottom carpark and the fairy tale fort is a peddle bike monorail with whirly bike playground equipment in the centre.  

A pathway connects all the different play areas and there are picnic shelters, seating and bbq’s scattered throughout FUNderwood Hollow. The public toilets are located near the top of FUNderwood Hollow near the netball courts and closest to the traditional playground.

Natural Lagoon & Boardwalk

400m or easy 10 minute walk. Pram and wheelchair friendly.  The boardwalk circuit circles the wetland lake with viewing desk and benches along the way. Ideal for a discovery walk with the kids.

Contemplation Area / Community Gardens

Stand out feature in this area is the labyrinth with the large rose quartz in the centre. The Labyrinth is surrounded by terraced grass areas, sandstone walls, seating, water feature and decking. The Rose Quartz centre piece represents unconditional love, compassion, peace and healing.  This is a space built for meditation and reflection.
Fletcher “had to” walk the full labyrinth and reach the stone before we could leave the area. There are also some beautiful trees and plants in this area.

Ceremonial Area

A picturesque spot popular for weddings – hence the name. It is a very pretty place to visit for a short walk and to look at the lagoon, gazebo and bridge. Very close to the contemplation area and community gardens so if you are going to stop by this area check out both at the same time. Between the bottom carpark and the lagoon there are some great trees that would be ideal for climbing.


Toddler Review

I grew up in a house near Underwood Park, my sisters and I played netball there, my brothers played soccer and football – so a visit brought up feelings of nostalgia and many memories. On the way to the park I even drove the kids past the family home I grew up in.

A lot has changed at Underwood Park – all for the better – since I was a girl growing up in Rochedale.

There is so much to do there. I highly recommend that you allow a few hours for a visit, check out the map in the photos so you have an idea of the different areas you can explore on your visit.

On our visit we first parked near FUNderwood Hollow and the Netball courts and spent a couple of hours exploring the diverse playground offerings, riding our trikes on the courts, and stopping for a picnic lunch. Everything is FUNderwood Hollow (is clean, well maintained and seems brand new).

We then pack everything back in the car and drove to the lagoon near the entrance to the park and took a walk around to the lagoon and visit the contemplation area / community gardens and pretty ceremonial area with its gazebo and bridge over the lagoon.

If you take along a pram you could discover all the large park area has to offer with a scenic pram walk. It would be a decent distance if you wanted some exercise but probably a little too long for your toddler to walk to whole distance.

With so much to explore, play and discover at Underwood Park it is easy to spend the morning or afternoon or the whole day.

What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles
  • Snacks and/or Packed Picnic or BBQ lunch (onsite Cafe opening soon)
  • Beach cart or wagon if you have one (my new favourite Mum accessory!)
  • Buckets, spades and sand toys
  • Picnic blanket
  • Ride on trike and bikes and/or prams if you want to include a walk with your visit


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