Spectrum Plants Gold Coast

Spectrum Plants Gold Coast


Spend a pleasant morning wandering through this picturesque plant nursery with your toddler. You can also experience a little farm life and visit the pigs, goats, chicken and rooster!


Key Details

Address: 69 Currey Road, Wongawallan QLD 4210

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 22 minutes (23.4km)

Contacts: 0412 614 242   Facebook

Hours: 7 days at week from 8am to 3pm


You don’t have to be a green thumb to enjoy a visit to Spectrum Plants Gold Coast.

It’s an inexpensive and “little bit different” Gold Coast family outing.

Spectrum Plants is a family run wholesale plant nursery that is open to the public. Discover everything from succulents to catci to indoor plants to trees.

During COVID-19 Spectrum Plants closed down their petting zoo. They are now building it slowly back up again. In August 2021 they introduced 3 gorgeous baby pigs and a big rooster and chickens back into their enclosures. Breaking news, Spectrum are looking for little helpers as they now have 2 baby goats that need to be bottle fed every 2 hours! 

Pig feeding occurs at 8am and approximately every 2 hours after that. The Spectrum staff are super lovely and love to chat about what they do at the nursery and about their new animals. We arrived for the 8am feeding and were allowed inside the enclosure to get up and close with all of the inhabitants.

It is a nice drive to Spectrum Plants especially once you turn onto Currey Road where you can point out the cows and horses in the fields to your little one as you drive past.
Once at Spectrum Plants go on an adventure with your toddler and discover the wide range of plants as you take in the view of the surrounding mountains. Be sure to take your healthy duck food to feed the local ducks too.

Toddler Review

Once you are out of the carpark area your toddler can be free to wander and discover the row upon row of plants at Spectrum Nursery.

If you are gardening at home with your toddler, Spectrum Plants have a huge and diverse range of plants, you will be sure to find something to buy to add to your garden.

Toilets and cold drinks available onsite. It can get a little cool in the mornings so bring something warm in case.

A visit to Spectrum Nursery is something different to do with your toddler and is a  no to little cost excursion. If you plan a trip here I would recommend also visiting Indoor Eden at the same time.

Now that Spectrum Plants Gold Coast is bringing back their petting zoo slowly with the addition of 3 little pigs, a rooster and chickens there is even more reason to visit with your toddler. If you are looking for a little farm animal experience stop in and say hi to the super friendly team at Spectrum.

The nursery is open from 8am 7 days a week so if you have early risers this is a great option for your early bird toddler.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Snacks or Packed Lunch and Water Bottles
  • Packet of wipes and hand sanitiser
  • Extra change of clothes for your toddler (just in case)
  • Plastic bag for possible dirty/muddy clothes or shoes
  • Jumper or Jacket for you and your toddler
  • Duck food
  • Pram or Stroller if your toddler is not a strong walker



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