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One of my favourite things to do with Fletcher (3 years) on a Sunday morning is baking.

Fletcher is a keen helper in the kitchen. The key in making this a “successful” activity is to be organised before you get your toddler involved. I get everything I need out on the bench and all the ingredients I need measured out before enlisting Fletcher’s help.

Fletcher’s loves pouring stuff in the bowl, giving things a mix, pressing buttons on the microwave, putting patty cake liners in the tin etc. etc.

As we work I explain what we are doing and why. 

Baking is a great activity as the reward for doing a good job is what we have made together once it has cooled and is ready to eat which usually falls exactly at morning tea time!

As your toddler’s skills increase add to their tasks. I plan to include Fletcher in the washing up next.

Some of things we enjoy making the best are:

Store bought cake and muffin mixes

I tend to buy them when they are on special at Coles and Woolworths. Aldi does have a good blueberry muffin mix at a good price. These mixes, make getting all ingredients ready a breeze. I will often make cupcakes instead of cake and just adjust the cooking time as these are easy to add to the kids snack boxes as a treat or freeze for later.

Banana Muffins

Great way to use up brown bananas so they don’t go to waste. I really like this recipe by All Recipes Australia.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are great if you want your toddler to get their hands dirty by getting involved when you roll the mix into balls. I have heard that the Coles Cookie Mix is good but haven’t tried it as I absolutely love the Cadbury Kitchen Recipe. You can also find this on the back of the Cadbury Baking Chips packet. Beware these are hard to resist!

Do you have any recipes you use to bake with your toddler? Share yours in the comment box below.

Happy Baking!

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