Mulch Minions Trail

Mulch Minions Trail


Discover a quaint slice of the Northern Gold Coast this weekend.

I stumbled across the Mulch Minions Trail this morning whilst surfing Facebook and thought this is something that I must share today with other Toddler Mums and Dads!

I have not had a chance to check this out yet so all photos and information sourced from Exit 38 Tourism. Make sure you check them out on Facebook.

Around the full moon in October (also known as the Harvest Moon) is THE best time to spot Mulch Minions in the cane fields! The Mulch Minion Trail runs from the 1st to the 5th of October.

The Mulch Mionions can be seen around the suburbs of Alberton and Jacobs Well, with some infrequent sightings along the main road that connects the two areas.

Take the eastern Exit 38 Roundabout on Stapylton – Jacobs Well Road past the Yatala Drive In. When you come down the hill, take Rotary Park Road on the left, which runs between the Gem Bait and Tackle & The Gem Hotel. (Some Minions have also been heard moving around these places at night, so look out).

Follow Rotary Park Road all the way down to the t-intersection at River Road and turn left. Then right into Cane Farm Road. This area seems to be a ‘hot spot’ for Mulch Minions, especially near the Albert River Bed & Breakfast. There’s a cul-de-sac where you can turn around, go back up Cane Farm Road, left into River Road and then go straight ahead to continue down Rotary Park towards the river.

Taking this route, you will go past a popular fishing spot, known locally as ‘the rock wall’. The river is the Dugulumba River (known by it’s original name for 25,000 years) and was also co-named the Darling River in 1826 and then re-co-named the Logan in 1827. The house you will see across the river is actually on an island, called Boomerang Island (because of it’s shape like a boomerang). 50 acres of cane used to be grown here and in pioneering times, cut cane was ferried across the river in punts to the mill near ‘the rock wall’.

Travelling down Rotary Park Road, take the right at Alberton Road, which will take you past the Alberton Cricket Club and back to Stapylton – Jacobs Well Road, where you turn left and continue heading out to Jacobs Well.

Continuing through Woongoolba you will pass the tennis centre and the primary school.

When you get to Jacobs Well, there’s a good chance of spotting some serious Mulch Minions here. Also check out Jacobs Well Foreshore Swimming Enclosure And Picnic Area whilst you’re in the area. Locals have even seen Minions on the jetty at times over the years. If you are on a Minion Trail on Sunday consider stopping into Jacobs Well Bayside Tavern for their Oktoberfest celebrations starting from 12 noon.

Leaving Jacobs Well, before you head home, duck over to Harrigan’s Drift Inn at Calypso Bay. A couple of Minions have been sneaking into the Guinness beer kegs there after dark, but there’s always a chance of a sighting even in the daylight hours.

I will be taking my toddler’s on the Minion trail this weekend and am looking forward to exploring more of what lays beyond exit 38. I hope to see you out there. If you go on this adventure please support the local businesses who make the inaugural Mulch Minion Trail possible.

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