Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons


Both my toddlers began swimming lessons at 8 weeks old attending Rackley Swimming Pimpama‘s FREE Baby Splash classes. Our weekly swimming lessons continue to be one of our favourite toddler activities.

The Baby Splash Classes are great and you can attend as many as you like with your baby from the age of 8 weeks to 6 months. Just one incentive to take your baby to swimming lessons is how great they sleep after a lesson.

My children loved the water and loved lessons from the beginning. I have seen other children start lessons and get upset. If their parents persevere their children soon get used to the water and also begin enjoying their lessons. 


What I love about swimming lessons for my kids:

  • Seeing the absolute joy on their faces when they are in pool
  • Swimming lessons offer unique uninterupted one-on-one time with your child. From ages 1 to 3 (approx.) you are in the pool with your child for the lesson which is a wonderful bonding experience
  • Weekly lessons help the toddlers understand routine
  • Lessons teach them to follow instructions
  • Both my children are comfortable around water. They are way to young to be left unattended near water but they are water aware
  • Swimming lessons help burn excessive energy! Both my children sleep better after a lesson
  • Interaction with other children and other adults
  • Watching their confidence and skills grow with each lesson


What I love about Rackley Swimming

  • The staff are fantastic. Taking two toddlers to back to back lessons can be hard. The Rackley Team has always been happy to help me out
  • Free Baby Splash classes are awesome
  • Heated pools so we can swim all year round
  • 8 different locations on the Gold Coast
  • Discounts if you enrol more than one child
  • Try for free classes


Would you like to give Swimming Lessons a try for your toddler? Rackley Swimming Pimpama are offering 2 Free Swimming Lessons to all F.T.F.T toddlers.  Contact the amazing Rackley Swimming Pimpama team, mention this page and code FTFTrackleys to schedule your 2 free lessons*.

*New Customers Only.

Does your toddler attend swimming lessons? Share your experience in the comments below.

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