We’re Going To Recycle

We're Going To Recycle


We’re Going to Recycle… Bottles!
(In my head this is sung to the tune of the Peppa Pig Recycling Song).

If your toddlers are anything like mine, they are fascinated by money. With this in mind and with the goal to slowly fill Fletcher and Harper’s piggy banks we started collecting and recycling plastic and glass bottles.

This is obviously a long term project. On a daily basis I get the children involved with separating out the recyclables and taking out the rubbish. I guess you could say we are in the early stages of developing daily chores. We keep the exchange bottles in boxes in the garage. After a few months we have a large enough collection for a trip the local Bottle Exchange.

The kids thoroughly enjoy an outing to the bottle exchange and it is pretty easy for Mum and Dad. Just load your bottles and you drive up and drop off the bottles. They are counted for you on the spot and then you are given a receipt to put into the onsite ATM to exchange for cash for the piggy banks. We use Southport Bottles & Cans depot at Stapylton as it is a convenient location for us, you can search for other Gold Coast bottle recycling outlets on the Containers for Change website.

Happy Recycling with your Toddler!

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