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Dig It is Australia’s 1st excavator park for KIDS at Thunderbird Park on Tamborine Mountain. We think it was designed with toddlers in mind!


Key Details

Address: Thunderbird Park, Corner Tamborine Mountain & Cedar Creek Falls Rd, Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: typically 30- 40 minutes (32.4km)

Contacts:  07 5545 7900  Website   Facebook   Instagram

Hours: Every weekend during the school terms, and 7 days a week during the school holidays. 4 session times per day.


Here’s everything you need to know about the Gold Coast’s latest family attraction that your toddler is going to LOVE.

What Is Dig It?

Australia’s first mini excavator park for kids. Offering real excavator machinery and construction-inspired activities where the kids are actually IN the driver’s seat.

What Can You Do at Dig It?

You start your adventure at Dig It by signing in at the Dig It site office before moving to the to the Site Safety Induction Zone for a presentation and overview of the the safety components of the day, and the various zones, followed by advice on how to operate the various machines.

Once your induction is complete all Dig it Diggers will then receive a high vis vest and hard hat to use during their session.

After a small walk up a hill you will see the large sand pit full of mini diggers and trucks and be in sight of the four challenge zones.

After a play in the sand pit it is time to conquer the four (4) challenge zones:

  1. Pro Digger Get trained on a 1.7 tonne excavator, digging in the earth.
  2. Wrecking Ball The challenge is to use the wrecking ball to knock over the Dig IT towers with a BANG!
  3. Claw & Croc In this zone there are two challenges, stacking and moving tyres with our HUGE claw attachment and, again with a 1.7 tonne excavator, using precision our diggers will be trying to hook a floating crocs!
  4. RC World Using state of the art remote control machines like dozers, dump trucks, excavators and rear loaders the kids will get to use machines, just like on the work site. These machines are 1.14 true scale, fully hydraulic machines weighing approximately 30+ kilos. So much fun to be had!

At the completion of each challenge the Dig It site Diggers will get their induction card marked, meaning at the end of their session they have been fully inducted into the Dig IT worksite! It’s keepsake they can then take home with them.

Can Anyone Operate the Dig It Diggers?

Everyone can have fun at Dig IT, there is no age restrictions. Kids under 5 (mini diggers) can even be in the drivers seat, but they have to operate the excavators on the lap of a parent or guardian, with their assistance and guidance. There is no charge for their guardian helper.

Kids aged 5 and up will be able to operate the machines by themselves (some might need a bit of extra help) but they will be IN the driver’s seat.

Its not just the kids having all the fun, adults are getting into the Dig IT action too.

When Can I Visit Dig It?

Dig IT is open every weekend during the school terms, and 7 days a week during the school holidays. There are (4) two-hour sessions operating each day. The first session starts at 8am and the last session finishes at 4pm. Available sessions are times can be viewed on the Dig It Booking Page.

How Much Does Dig It Cost?

The admission price for all Dig IT diggers is $55 per person.

For mini diggers (4 and under) there is no cost for their guardian helper, but if you are an adult that wants to join in with all the fun too, the cost of $55 applies. If you are not using the machines and just want to watch you don’t need to purchase a ticket. Spectators are more than welcome and there is a shaded viewing platform with seating to watch all the action.

How Do I Book Dig It Tickets?

Online bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment as session numbers are capped. Visit the Dig It website and click the Book Now button to organise your tickets.

Where is Dig It?

Dig It is located in Thunderbird Park on Tamborine Mountain.

Can you have a Birthday Party at Dig It?

For all those construction and digger obsessed kids out there imagine having your own birthday party at Dig It!

Dig It Birthday Party Packages include:

Exclusive use of party table zone for your 2 hour session, along with 30 mins at the completion of your session for food and cake.

🚜 Official Dig IT invitations
🚜 Dig IT Wrecking Ball Pinata – lollies to be supplied by party
🚜 VIP Birthday Party Lanyards to use during the session
🚜 Birthday Digger to receive High Vis Vest and Hard Hat keepsakes to take home

Find out more about a Dig It Kids Party


Toddler Review

In my experience, at the majority of theme parks and other Gold Coast attractions you visit, there is only a small section that your toddler can enjoy. This is not the case with Dig It. In fact, it seems like Dig It was designed with your toddler in mind.

From dressing up in their own hard hat and vest, the sandpit, remote control trucks and diggers, to all the construction and diggers zones.

Fletcher and Harper had a go at every zone and experience available at Dig It.

Even, Harper, a real girly girl enjoyed the experience especially operating the diggers from my lap. She wasn’t concerned about precision but found it hilarious to make the digger arm whip around in all sorts of directions. And toddler giggles are of course contagious.

Even if they weren’t the most adept at operating the machines they had a great time.

We highly recommend Dig It as a special outing for you and your toddler.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Water Bottles
  • Snacks and/or packed lunch for the car ride
  • Hats & Sunscreen
  • Wipes for spills and toddler clean-up
  • Wear enclosed shoes and consider dressing in layers


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