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Messy Playtime is the home of fun and exciting messy play and sensory kits for fun at home or your next toddler birthday party!


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Messy Playtime makes it super easy for Mums and Dads to create a messy or sensory play environment for your toddler at home or at your next birthday party or special event.

No fuss or muss trying to come up with creative ideas or source ingredients and tools for play, it’s all done for you. Cherie and the team, have you covered with lots of fun kit details that your toddler will love and keep them entertained in imaginative play.

At Home Kits

Messy Playtime have a range of different kits to add sensory play into your home environment.

Their kits and potions are full of adventure which sparks creativity and are loved by kids of all ages. A perfect screen free activity which keeps them engaged in for hours at a time and a thoughtful and unique gift (perfect for those toddlers that has everything!).

Mini Kits

Mini Play Dough kits are a compact container of fun. Great to take on the go, if you need to keep the kids entertained, enjoy that coffee in peace! A fun gift with 5 themes to choose from.

Play Dough Kits

Messy Playtime Play dough Kits are everything your little one needs to create their own world. Enhancing their imagination and creativity, these kits will keep them engaged and entertained for hours. Have a birthday coming up? These kits make a unique and thoughtful gift.


The Magic Potions are the perfect outdoor activity with nature in mind, the products are biodegradable, designed to promote imaginative play and creativity. designed to promote creativity, an engaging screen free activity. A unique gift that brings joy and happiness wherever they go.

Party Hire Kits

DIY Party Hire Kits are specially designed to engage your party guests and keep them entertained! The kits are delivered to you and collected by the Messy Playtime team, it is easy and hassle free. They are a fun and affordable kids party entertainment solution.

The party packs include:

🎉 two sensory tuff tray

🎉 two tarps to collect spills

🎉 all sensory materials, for example; coloured rice, sand, cloud dough, play dough, slime, magic dust & more

🎉 fun sensory tools, play dough accessories and play items to match the theme

🎉 an instruction sheet with how to set up trays

🎉 A gift for the birthday child

🎉 Delivery & collection (Gold Coast)

Choose from these great party pack themes: Birthday Baking & Ice Cream Making | Construction | Dinosaur | Fairy ​​| Magic Potions | Mud Kitchen fun

Party Packs inclusions have small pieces so they are recommended for 3 years plus. Baby safe/ taste safe options are available, just ask when booking!


Toddler Review

We were lucky to be approached by Cherie and the team at Messy Playtime to take their DIY Party Hire Kits for a test drive.

With no birthdays on the horizon we decided to share the FUN on a play date with some of our friends.

The Kits were delivered to our front door making it super convenient for Mum and the kits are super easy to set up. It is possible, Mummy had as much fun setting up the sensory play tables as the kids had playing with them 😄.

There were so many amazing details in each of the individual kits that quickly inspired imaginations and encouraged independent play and even collaboration between some of the children. They all happily played side by side, commenting and interacting around their creations. For a mum, it was both amusing and lovely to watch.

We had a day packed full of messy fun and non-stop play testing out the awesome DIY Party Hire Kits from Messy Playtime.

It was amazing to see how each child approached the tables and how they explored and applied their own brand of creativity and problem solving. 

🤎 Muddy Kitchen
We made sure to add lots of water to make some great muddy creations

⚗️ Potions
Great colourful fun mixing all sorts of ingredients. The fresh herbs, flowers, coconut, and bright magic dust were a big hit and quickly added to potion bowls. A little diluted vinegar helped some of our potions bubble and fizz!

⭐️Play dough
We created excavation sites, cupcakes, cookies, snowmen and so much more. We got to sample two of the Messy Playtime play dough kits and they were very well received by the kids and these are definitely something I would recommend as a birthday gift idea.

There was a bit to clean up once the messy sensory play was over (after many hours), however as we set up in the backyard it was very easy to hose everything down and pack back into containers ready for collection once dry.

Thanks to Messy Playtime, all of our messy kids went to bed willingly that night and slept very well!

We give Messy Playtime DIY Party Hire Kits a BIG 👍 for hours of entertainment for your next toddler birthday party or special event.


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