Healthy Duck Feeding Experiment

What to Feed Ducks
Feeding ducks is an activity adored by most toddlers. Bread is often the go-to option for Mums but not the best choice for the health of the ducks.

In an effort to look after the ducks my toddlers love to feed I decided to google search to find a healthy alternative. I found the image below and ideas like defrosted frozen vege, bite size veggie scraps and bird seed. Thus the beginning of “Healthy Duck Feeding Experiment”.

What to feed ducks

After further searching I got mixed reviews on grapes so thought I would skip that suggestion. I did have some porridge oats and frozen carrots, peas and corn in my kitchen so I thought I would give these a try.

I defrosted the frozen vege and we toted them to the park in a snap lock bag. They were easy for the toddlers to throw but the carrots and corn sank straight away, the peas floated and were eaten. Verdict – I would recommend trying defrosted frozen peas.

The oats went in a separate zip lock bag. The oats are so lightweight they were not as easy to throw as the toddlers had to get quite close to the water to get them in. They are also not ideal for windy conditions. The ducks did seem to like them though. Verdict – worth a try if you have them in the cupboard.

The next test subjects in my healthy duck feeding experiment will be bird seed and veggie scraps. I will update you with my findings soon.


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