Fun Things for Toddlers Playgrounds Ormeau Community Centre Playground

Ormeau Community Centre Playground

Ormeau Community Centre Playground


Fully fenced local kid’s playground in front of the Ormeau Community Centre. 


Key Details

Address: 3 Cuthbert Drive, Ormeau QLD 4208

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 5 minutes (4.1km)


The playground outside the Ormeau Community Centre is small but has everything you need to entertain a toddler for a morning or afternoon outing.

Key Features


  • Fully fenced with a child safe gate


  • Wood chip ground cover with some rubber under slides and swings


  • Taller climbing structure with ladder, large slide, look-out window and interactive play space underneath


  • Smaller climbing structure with several ways to climb up, bridge, small slide, look through window and naughts and crosses game


  • Rocker


  • See-saw


  • Round net swing


  • Plenty of green space for picnic snacks or lunch


  • Shade sails cover playground


  • Off street carpark


  •  Public toilets with baby change facilities available inside the Community Centre


Toddler Review

This playground is only small compared to others on the Northern Gold Coast but there is plenty to entertain a toddler. 

I would combine a visit to this playground with a walk or a visit to the Ormeau Community Centre. Fingers crossed Book Box opens again in 2021 and we will be using this playground a lot more and combining it with a visit to get books for Story Time on Fridays!

This playground is also good for short visits or if you are returning from somewhere else and still need to kill a bit of time before returning home for a nap for meal.

If your toddler expects snacks or lunch with a park or playground visit, pack a picnic blanket.

The best features of this playground is the vicinity to the Community Centre and that it is fully fenced which means your toddler can play and explore and you don’t need to worry about them getting out of sight or near the road.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles
  • Snacks and/or Packed Picnic
  • Toy cars or trucks to run down the slides
  • Picnic Blanket


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