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Schuster Park in Tallebudgera is not only a great Gold Coast Park and Playground, it is a great spot for a family day out!

Key Details

Address: 506 Schusters Road, Tallebudgera QLD 4228

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 34 minutes (47.8km)


With some much to do and see you can easily spend the whole day at Schuster Park. If your toddler has a daytime nap, plan a trip for a morning or afternoon instead.

Key Features

  • Water play area with fountains, shallow pools, waterfalls, cascading water channels, bridges and stepping stones


  • Multiple play structures with climbing nets leading to slides, towers and platforms


  • Two mega slides off a two storey main tower


  • For the littlies, a smaller version of the main tower, with a single platform and smaller tunnel slide to conquer


  • Nature paths, with balance beams, jumping posts, sand paths and stepping stones great for toddler exploration


  • A sound and sensory path with drums and musical “talking” flowers


  • A swing set and basket swing


  • Picnic shelters, tables and barbecues


  • A small sandy beach for sand play, splashing, wading and fishing


  • Foot and bike paths through parklands


  • On and off-leash dog walking or exercise areas


  • Public Toilet facilities



Toddler Review

On our last toddler adventure to Schuster Park we headed out early with a packed breakfast and scooters in tow. We had a lovely family breakfast of Croissants and Banana Bread toasted on the park BBQs and fresh fruit as soon as we arrived. My toddlers love to eat in the mornings, so they were still hungry even though they had dried cereal to keep them happy on the drive to this great spot in Tallebudgera.

Once breakfast was over we explored the Jungle Discovery playground and small beach area on the surrounding footpaths on our scooters. The main feature of the playground is a large adventure playground ideal for bigger kids (Gold Coast City Council suggests it is best suited to children aged 4 and over). 

There is still plenty for your toddler and my kids one 4 and one 3 had a great time visiting. There are also smaller play structures, swings, and you can go on a jungle expedition with your toddler to find all the jungle creatures hidden around the playground. If you aren’t just looking for a toddler friendly playground and enjoy a toddler adventure with lots of exploring and discovery, Schuster Park is a great spot to visit. 

The little sandy beach is a great place to splash and wade or to make a sandcastle or if you are up for it take a hand reel or fishing rod and do some fishing with your toddler.

With so much to do at Schuster Park we highly recommend planning to visit for at least a couple of hours. Another great Gold Coast park and playground to add to your toddler adventure list.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles
  • Bikes, Trikes & Scooters
  • Sand Play Toys for small beach area
  • Snacks and/or Packed Picnic or BBQ lunch
  • Togs, Towels or change of clothing for wading


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