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Kylie’s Cupcakery is a very tasty spot to visit with your toddler. A visit is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Key Details

Address: 56 Nerang Street, Nerang QLD 4211

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 21 minutes (27.8km)

Contacts:  07 5520 0452  Website   Facebook   Instagram

 Hours: Wednesday to Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Saturday to Sunday 8:00 am – 3:00 pm (Grill closes at 2.30pm)


Don’t let the name fool you. With their mouth watering hot food menu, Kylie’s cupcakery is on our toddler eats list for breakfast, lunch AND sweet treats.

Especially For the Kids…..

Kid’s Menu

Cupcakes! Rainbow Waffles! Milkshakes! Fresh Fruit served with Cream and Nutella. Kylie’s Cupcakery has every kid’s dream menu.

Indoor Play Area

There is a small enclosed kid’s play area with a cubby house ideal for toddlers inside Kylie’s Cupcakery.

The Food

Writing this article is simultaneously making my tummy rumble and my mouth water, every time I think of the food at Kylie’s Cupcakery. The food is delicious, enjoyable to look at and eat (very Insta worthy), delightful to experience and good value. Check out the menu and the drool worthy photos in the gallery below and I am sure you will be clicking the Google Maps link above to plot the quickest route to Kylie’s!


Kylie often has delightful specials to inspire the small child in all of us. Things like Chocolate Bunny Milkshakes for Easter – that’s right, milkshakes served inside a chocolate Easter bunny! Keep an eye on Kylie’s Cupcakery Facebook and Instagram pages to discover the latest unique and delicious Kylie creation available at the Cupcakery.

Fur Baby Friendly Outdoor Dining

There is an outdoor eating space where dogs are welcome to join you.

Atmosphere and Staff

Kylie and her team’s passion, creativity and love of what they do shows in everything you experience at the Cupcakery. It is a joy to experience it and to watch the delight in your toddler’s face during their visit.

Did Someone Say Cake?

Looking for a Birthday Cake for your next toddler birthday? Take a look here at what Kylie can do for you to make your little one’s special day even more special and delicious.


Toddler Review

On our first visit to Kylie’s Cupcakery we stopped in for coffee (for Mummy) and cupcakes (for toddlers and Mummy…) and after seeing the spectacular breakfast and lunch menu items being delivered to other patrons, we knew we would be back again to sample the hot food menu.

Not to take anything away from the cupcakes we enjoyed which were beautiful to look at and even better to eat. The hard part is choosing just one cupcake from the selection at Kylie’s Cupcakery.

It wasn’t long until we were back to experience a Kylie’s cupcakery breakfast. The toddlers tucked into waffles with Nutella, cream and fresh fruit while the big people shared the breakfast platter which needs to be seen, smelt and tasted to be believed. OMG chicken and waffles! Plus eggs, bacon, hotcakes, fruit, cream, and hash browns. You have not experienced a big breakfast until you experience breakfast at Kylie’s Cupcakery. There is plenty for 2-3 people on the breakfast platter and it is all delicious.

My mouth is watering again thinking of another visit where we can sample the lunch menu! The burgers and chicken wings look to be as delicious as the rest of the Kylie’s Cupcakery menu.

Kylie’s Cupcakery is also a fun place to visit. The food is fun and Kylie is constantly coming up with new ideas and creations to offer as specials or add to the menu.

Reluctantly moving away from the food, the restaurant area is brightly coloured and includes a kid’s play area with a cubby house enclosed with a child safety fence and gate. Your toddler will love a play after they demolish their breakfast, lunch or delicious treat and you can sit back and watch whilst enjoying a coffee or the rest of you meal.

If you and your toddler would like to burn a little more energy after your visit, Bischof Pioneer Park is just a short walk from Kylie’s Cupcakery.

Kylie’s Cupcakery is definitely a MUST DO for your Toddler Eats list!


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Snacks (back-up if there are any meal delays) 
  • Wipes for spills and toddler clean-up
  • Bibs (if out for dinner and your toddlers are bathed and ready for bed) 
  • Tablet / phone or dinner table friendly toys for back up


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