Abraham Park, Upper Coomera


Abraham Park, Upper Coomera has everything you need in a good local family park and playground.


Key Details

Address: 90 Reserve Road, Upper Coomera QLD 4209

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 15 minutes (12.8km)

Contacts: Website


Abraham Park in a largish park and playground right near the Upper Coomera Centre which includes the local library and aquatic centre on Reserve Road. Discover everything you can find in Abraham Park:

Key Features

  •  Large playground with a good range of playground equipment. Something for everyone i.e. age groups / skill / adventurousness levels 


  • Large shade sails over entire playground space


  • Several shaded Picnic Shelters


  • BBQ Facilities


  • Open green space with plenty of trees.


  • Fitness stations


  • Pathways around playground and park area ideal for riding bikes and trikes or taking your dog for an onleash walk


  • Large Shade sails cover the majority of playground area


  • Large car park. Can get busy though as it is a shared car park with Upper Coomera Centre including the library and aquatic centre.


  •  Public Toilets


Toddler Review

We visited Abraham Park on a Sunday morning. The day was very sunny and warm so the ample shade provided by the large shade sails at Abraham Park were a godsend.

There were a number of families using the playground and other park facilities however the space is large enough that it did not feel crowded or too busy.

Abraham Park shares the car park with the Upper Coomera Centre including the library and aquatic centre so they are all in easy walking distance so you could combine a visit to the park and playgroup with a stop into the library and/or the aquatic centre. There is also a cafe in the centre if you wanted to grab a coffee or a meal whilst visiting the park.

The playground is large and whilst there is not separate play spaces for different ages or skills, the equipment is diverse and your toddler will find something that is bright and colourful to play with or on. There are heaps of climbing options and lots to discover and explore for your little person.

Check out the photo gallery below or video link above to investigate Abraham Park, Upper Coomera for yourself. We give Abraham Park the thumbs up and think it is worth a visit.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles & snacks
  • Packed Picnic or BBQ lunch (or visit nearby Cuppa Coomera Cafe)
  • Ride on trikes, scooters and bikes



Upper Coomera Centre
Aquatic Centre
Cuppa Coomera Cafe


Photo Gallery

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