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Gold Medal Gymnastics Gold Coast


Gold Medal Gymnastics is a brand new family owned club offering classes for Mum’s and Bubs that are ideal to get your toddler moving and provides a strong healthy foundation for the future.

Key Details

Address: Gold Coast Indoor Sports 9 Dominions Road, Ashmore QLD 4214

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Time from Ormeau HQ: 24minutes (28.3km)

Contacts: Website    Facebook    Instragram

Hours: Open Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.

Gold Medal Gymnastics is a family owned and operated club. Bughy (Head Coach) and Liz (Assistant Coach) have over 20 years coaching and sports management experience and are committed to creating an inclusive and empowering environment for children to develop and grow fundamental skills.

 Gold Medal Gymnastics Classes

🏅Mums and Bubs – 45 minute, parent participation $21 a session

🏅5-6 Year olds – 45 minute,  $21 a session

🏅Recreational Gymnastics – 90 minutes, $31 a session (ages 6 and up)

Classes are currently casual. From the 24th January classes can be booked and secured for a 10 week term.

Free First Session so you can try before you buy! Visit the Gold Medal Gymnastics website for class times.

Spaces are limited so get in touch with Liz and Bughy now to secure your toddler’s spot.

Holiday Intensive Program

Gold Medal Gymnastics have holiday intensive classes for children 5 years and older which are 3 hour sessions. Contact Gold Medal Gymnastics to find out more.


Toddler Review

I was really pleasantly surprised how quickly 4.5 yr old Fletcher took to the Gymnastics class at Gold Medal Gymnastics Club during our free Mum’s and Bubs trial lesson.

It is amazing how your children can surprise you with their confidence. Fletcher literally jumped right in and gave it all a go. He really enjoyed it and as a Mum, I could see the benefits of these classes to help him to listen, follow instructions, build his strength, coordination and flexibility and interact with others in a social fun fitness environment. 

Whilst Fletcher jumped right in 2.5 yr old Harper was not as confident and took some time to warm up. Harper wanted Mummy to help and get involved and this is what makes the Mum’s and Bubs classes at Gold Medal Gymnastics fantastic for toddlers. I know with more classes Harper will get into the swing and soon be telling Mummy to let her do it herself. She just needs time to become familiar and confident in the new environment.

After seeing how these classes can help both Harper and Fletcher develop physically, mentally and emotionally, I am going to add a class to our weekly schedule. To start we will stay in the Mum’s and Bubs class for both children because having Fletcher around does boost Harper’s confidence. Once Harper has found her feet we will move Fletcher up to the 5-6 year old class to challenge him more. 

I am really looking forward to seeing how both kids progress with more classes.

I highly recommend you give a Gold Medal Gymnastics class a go with your toddler (or bigger kids) and see how you go. If you’re interested contact Liz to organise your free trial.


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