Indoor Picnic

Indoor Picnic
A chill wind on a Sunday morning turned our planned outdoor picnic into a novelty indoor picnic at home.

Last Sunday morning, the kids and I went out to check out The Boutique Handmade Market being held at Shearer’s Arms Tavern in Ormeau.

I thought it would be a good idea to get some lunch into my two toddlers before heading home for nap time so I packed an on-the-go lunch box with cut-up fruit, crackers, cheese, sausage, mini cukes etc.

My cunning plan was to stop by a local park on the way back, use the swings and slide as incentive to eat all of their picnic lunch. I made sure the picnic blanket was in the car and we headed out.

Everything was going to plan and we were having a lovely outing until we got to the park and set-up our picnic only to discover just how cold it was sitting out in the open in the park with a chill wind blowing. After a few bites, both kids were not happy and complaining about the cold.

Swings and slide were used to incentivise a quick exit home.

Rather than waste the effort of making a packed lunch we laid the picnic blanket down on the tiles in our living room and plonked the lunchbox between the two kids. 

The kids loved the novelty and I had an easy to clean-up lunch once the two toddlers went down for their naps.

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