High Chair Catchy

High Chair Catchy


Look at this great idea by an Aussie Mum! High Chair Catchy is a great solution for messy high chair mealtimes with your babies and toddlers.

Rachel and her family are based in Sydney and I just love her story because I can totally relate!

The High Chair Catchy Story

From the moment we introduced solids to our daughter Maya, we quickly discovered that mealtimes are messy! More food went on the floor than in her mouth.. and once she learned to throw we had no chance.

We were on our hands and knees cleaning the floor constantly, stressing to get stains out of carpets and at our wits’ end.

One day a determined DIY Daddy (AKA Brad) disappeared into the garage and many hours later returned with the first prototype of Catchy – our dream come true for messy mealtimes. 

After many iterations, research and prototypes to make the best quality, safest and most effective food catching device, we are so proud to share Catchy with you. We hope it helps you enjoy stress free and enjoyable mealtimes with your family like it has for ours.


More about Catchy

  • Current Catchy version is made to fit the IKEA Antilop (pictured), Target Snacka high chair and the KMART Prandium high low chair ONLY. Other high chair models coming soon. (High chair not included.)


  • Innovative design catches food dropped from the sides and from the front leg compartments


  • Saves you from crawling around on the floor wiping up mess after every meal


  • Prevents damage & stains on your carpet or other flooring


  • BPA-freeNon-toxicRecyclableFDA approved food safe material, allowing you to re-use caught food or keep it for another meal (no more germs from the floor)


  • Easy to clean, durable construction means you never need to take it off after a meal. After the meal, simply wipe it down in place and get on with your day!


  • Re-use the same Catchy for all of your children.


  • Also acts as a foot rest (babies generally eat better when their legs are not flapping around)

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