Fun Things for Toddlers Parks,Playgrounds The Heights Pimpama Park & Playground (Propinqua Reserve)

The Heights Pimpama Park & Playground (Propinqua Reserve)


An Adventure Playground in the heart of The Heights estate in Pimpama on the Northern Gold Coast. Perfect for Adventurous Climbers.


Key Details

Address: Propinqua Reserve, The Heights Boulevard, Pimpama QLD 4209

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Time from Ormeau HQ: Typically 9–12 min (8.9 km)

Contacts: Website


The Heights Park and Playground or Propinqua Reserve seems to be designed to reflect the name of the estate it sits in the centre of.

This playground is all about climbing and getting up high.

Key Features

  • Centre tower with birds nest and two metal slides


  • Climbing Dome


  • Swing set with regular and nest swings


  • Spinners


  • Rock Climbing Wall at the rear of the centre tower structure


  • Large Shade Sails over playground space


  • Large open green space for play and sport


  • Basketball Court


  • 2 picnic shelters with tables and barbecues


  • Pathways around the outside of the playground


  • Fenced off-leash dog exercise area


  • Public Toilet facilities



Toddler Review

This playground is definitely best suited for the adventurous toddler who loves to climb and may need you to watch your little one closely as they play.

Propinqua Reserve is a picturesque spot and a nice place for a park visit and picnic even with less daring toddlers. To make this park and playground a little more toddler friendly I would recommend bring along some extra items to keep them entertained in this lovely and new park area.

Consider bringing along bikes, trikes or scooters to use on the pathways that weave around the playground. You could also take along some balls to play of the big green space around the playground.

For those with doggy fur babies there is a good sized fenced off leash dog exercise area.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles
  • Bikes, Trikes & Scooters
  • Snacks and/or Packed Picnic or BBQ lunch


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