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Logan Gardens Park, Playground, and Water Park

Logan Gardens Park Playground Water Park


Logan Gardens is a massive park in the centre of Logan City. It offers several hectares of landscaped parklands AND a nature playground AND a sensory playground AND a water park AND more.


Key Details

Address: 12 Civic Parade, Logan Central QLD 4114

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 24 minutes (25.5km)

Contacts: 07 3412 3412  Website

Hours: Open 7 Days 5am to 8pm


Called “The Police Park” by locals (the park entrance is right next to the Logan Central Police Station). Also considered by many as a green oasis in the middle of suburbia, Logan Gardens is a great place for a family outing especially with all these great facilities and features:

  • Water or splash park with shade sails
  • Dog off-leash area
  • Nature / challenge playground
  • Walking and Bike Tracks
  • Fitness stations
  • Electric BBQs and picnic areas
  • Basketball court
  • Fenced sensory playground
  • Lots of beautiful established trees
  • Onsite disc golf and bocce
  • Public toilet facilities
  • Abundance of open green space to enjoy how you please
  • Off street parking

Of all that is available at Logan Gardens, these are the ones that should be on your Toddler Must See List:

Water Park / Splash Park

The latest addition to Logan Gardens is the popular splash or water park. A great way to cool down on a hot day. The water park will be loved by kids big and small with its 50mm deep splash pool, dumping bucket, pop jets with 12 fountains, 10 totem poles with nozzle sprays and a toddler water table.

There is heaps of seating (a lot with shade) surrounding the water park. The water park itself has many large shade sails overhead. Public toilets and BBQ facilities are close by. To keep water usage to a minimum, the water park water is filtered and recycled on site.

Water play is programmed to run between 7:30am to 7:30pm from October to April. In the cooler months, the water play will be programmed from 8:30am to 6:30pm. Later in the day as it gets dark, the water park provides a stunning light show experience.

Nature Play Area

As you walk up the path from the Civic Parade carpark you will find the nature play area. I have called it this as it is predominately made from wooden structures and is surrounded by sandstone blocks, large trees and garden blocks and has a sand floor. Key features of this play area are:

  • Swings
  • Sand for sand play
  • Wooden logs to climb and scale
  • Rope climb structure
  • Large nest swing
  • Small metal round-about

Trees for Climbing

We found several large established trees with large canopies and low branches which are ideal for small children to climb or at least begin experimenting in climbing. Fletcher also loved foraging and playing among the large root structures.

Fenced Sensory Playground

The fenced sensory playground is ideal for toddlers and smaller children. It has rubber ground cover and offers the following for imaginative toddler fun:

  • Rubber mounds to climb
  • Sunflowers to manipulate and turn
  • Water / Sand table
  • Praying Mantis Structure
  • Musical play equipment

There is also a fenced liberty swing attached to the sensory playground which allows children in wheelchairs to access and enjoy without having to transition from their chair. A key is required for this and can be obtained by contacting Logan City Council.


Toddler Review

A huge park with loads of cool stuff. Pack up the car and head to Logan Gardens for a fun filled morning / afternoon or if your kids are up to it – a full day could easily be spent here.

We hit the nature style playground first as it was on the path from the car park to the water park. We stopped for a swing and some sand play before heading for a splash. It is easy to see why Logan Garden’s is known for its water park. It is a really great feature with lots to experience and enjoy on a hot day.

The fenced sensory playground is also a great spot with a lot of music based equipment and rubber flooring. Only downside to this playground was a lack of shade cover.

Highly recommend allowing some time to walk and explore this big park. I am not even sure we found everything that Logan Garden’s has to offer. I think we will have to plan another trip soon to see what else we can find.

I also really loved the established trees with many of them being good candidates for small children to climb. A lot of our newer parks just don’t have this on offer.

What wasn’t great was the amount of rubbish left everywhere. Not large pieces but lots of small discarded items in the gardens, sandpits and play areas etc. It is a real shame and something you really notice when you have small children that love to find things and put them in the mouths. I felt like I had to be constantly on the alert. I ended collecting quite a pile of stuff from the kids to put in the bin. If nothing else it is a good reminder to teach our small children to put items in the bin and leave these great spots, the way we found them so others can full enjoy them – it shouldn’t be hard to put rubbish in the bin. 

This issue would not stop me going back but I think it is a good thing to share and highlight for other potential visitors especially those with toddlers!


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles
  • Snacks and/or Packed Picnic or BBQ lunch
  • Beach cart or wagon if you have one (my new favourite Mum accessory!)
  • Buckets, spades and sand toys
  • Picnic blanket
  • Swimming gear and towels


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