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Peachey Community Garden, Ormeau

Peachey Community Garden Ormeau


Calm and relaxing place to visit with your toddler. A hidden oasis within a busy suburb! Get out with your toddler and visit the friendly laid back Peachey Community Garden.


Key Details

Address: 11 McCreadie Rd, Ormeau Hills QLD 4208

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 4 minutes (2.7km)

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What is a Community Garden

A shared plots of land where people gather together to grow fresh veggies and flowers.

A community garden will often turn ugly, unused spaces into green, productive vegetable plots – as well as giving those without a garden or space for one a chance to enjoy the pleasures of gardening.

If your thumb is a little less than green, you can get advice from experienced growers but most importantly you get to meet people and connect with your local community.

About Peachey Community Garden

Peachey Community Garden was started in August 2008 as a “plotted community garden”, which meant that individuals were given their own small plot to grow what they wished, as they wished.

The objective of the garden has since evolved and it is now a Communal Garden- the work of cultivating, planting, watering, fertilising and harvesting is communal and the harvest is collective, shared equally amongst fellow gardeners with the excess of any harvest being sent to the not-for-profit organisation Soul Centre Food Pantry at Upper Coomera.

Peachey Community Garden is a wonderful Community initiative and a great way to educate yourself or your children on the art of growing organic produce, being self-sufficient and maintaining the land in order to productively & sustainably produce fruit & vegetables.


When to visit

The weekly gardening and chat sessions are the best time to visit if you have never visited before and/or you are not a member.

At these sessions you meet up with Community Garden members to do some gardening and get to know each other. Even if you think, you won’t be much help in the garden with your toddler in tow – go along – check it out and give it a try.

Everyone is welcome. Gardening and Chat sessions run every Friday from 9am to 12pm and every Sunday from 3pm to 6pm. Check out the Peachey Community Gardens Facebook Events Page for all the details.

How to become involved

I would recommend that you start becoming involved by attending a Gardening and Chat session on either Friday morning or Sunday afternoon.

If you are keen to get gardening and would like to visit the garden at your leisure consider becoming a member. Membership is only $40 per year. If you are interested in membership please contact the Peachey Community Garden

Other Community Events

The Community Gardens have hosted markets, pizza oven events and more in the gardens. Follow them on Facebook to learn about upcoming events.


Toddler Review

If you want to get outside with your toddler but are looking for something a little different and laid back I highly recommend you check out Peachey Community Garden at one of their Gardening and Chat sessions on either Friday morning or Sunday afternoon.

All the people we met were super friendly and inviting. There is plenty of space for your little one to explore and even a swing set that attracted Harper from the front gate.

Together, Harper and I walked through the gardens. There is so much to explore and discover from the butterflies and moths to the growing fruit, vegetables and flowers to the dragon shaped pizza oven to the fairy house and various other novelties scattered throughout the garden.

It was really lovely to meet other members of the Ormeau community and I look forward to going back and getting my hands dirty and meeting more of our lovely locals.

I will also be looking out for any future events on Facebook especially those involving the dragon shaped pizza oven.

Go out with your toddler to Peachey Community Gardens, take a picnic lunch, visit a slice of our local Northern Gold Coast community and meet some new people. You will find it a very nice morning or afternoon out.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Hats and Sunscreen
  • Water Bottles
  • Snacks and/or Packed Picnic lunch
  • Picnic blanket


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