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Ella’s Aussie Adventures

Ella Arrives in Australia


I have made reading books a part of Fletcher and Harper’s bedtime routine since they were babies. “Book time” is easily one of my favourite times of the day and it seems the kids enjoy it too! I hope their joy of books and reading continues throughout their lives.

I am always on the search of good books and I love finding good Aussie content. When I found Ella Arrives in Australia I just had to share it.

Ella Arrives in Australia is the first book in the brand new Ella’s Aussie Adventure series. The series is a collection of Children’s short story books by author Sheree Chambers.

Ella is a little girl who wants to go on an adventure, exploring a foreign land. Join Ella and her bunny on her first adventure as she arrives in Australia. 

This book is educational and fun. And what I really like about it is that it provides children with knowledge about unique Australian wildlife, the amazing nature, as well as some of our history. I love being able to read my children a story that gets them excited about Australian culture, history, wildlife and the cities, towns and regions of our wonderful country.

Sheree Chambers lives in Lake Macquarie near Newcastle with her 10 month old daughter Elliot. Sheree enjoys writing poems, short stories and creating new worlds through the written word. When she’s not writing, Sheree runs a small web design agency.

Elliot was the inspiration for the Ella’s Aussie Adventures series. As a new mother, Sheree wanted to create a gift for her daughter to learn about the amazing country she lives in. These children’s poems were written to help her daughter discover some of the uniqueness about where she lives, with a hidden hope that she will also be inspired to adopt her mother’s love of the written word.

Find out more about Ella Arrives in Australia, the first adventure in the series Ella’s Aussie Adventures by Sheree Chamber here: You can also follow on Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to purchase Ella Arrives in Australia from the site about use the code freeshipping when you checkout, for you guessed it – free shipping!

Happy Toddler Reading!

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