Fun Things for Toddlers FTFT News 2020 Oh What a Year!

2020 Oh What a Year!

2020 Oh What a Year!


Oh What a Year. Really no need to go into all the details behind that statement!

My family and I are grateful that we made it through this year and thankful for all the good things.

COVID-19 was actually part of the inspiration behind Fun Things for Toddlers.

I wanted to provide other Northern Gold Coast parents with information on how they could safely entertain their toddlers and also help promote local businesses and services to help them get back on their feet during and after COVID.

Fletcher, Harper and I have done a lot! Check out this video for a snapshot of all we have discovered and all the information and ideas now available on the Fun Things for Toddlers website.

Enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Bring on 2021 and all the adventures that will come with it!



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