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Mulch Minions Trail 2021

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Take part in the 2021 Mulch Minion Trail and discover a quaint slice of the Northern Gold Coast.

I stumbled across the Mulch Minions Trail surfing Facebook last year, unfortunately I didn’t make it out last year but it is on hit list this year! It looks like some much fun and this beautiful part of the Gold Coast is a great spot to visit with your toddler.

All photos and information on this page have been sourced from Exit 38 Tourism. Make sure you check them out on Facebook.

Around the full moon in October (also known as the Harvest Moon) is THE best time to spot Mulch Minions in the cane fields! The Mulch Minion Trail runs from Monday, 27th September to Monday 4th of October.

The Mulch Minions can be seen around the suburbs of Alberton and Jacobs Well, with some infrequent sightings along the main road that connects the two areas.

The Official 2021 Cane Mulch Minion Trail Route

Starting at the Yatala Pie Shop.
Heading east on Stapylton Jacobs Well Road.
Left onto Rotary Park Road, between The Gem Bait & Tackle and the Gem Hotel.
All the way down to the end and left onto River Road.
Right onto Cane Farm Road, going past Albert River Bed & Breakfast.
Cul-de-sac turn around at the end Cane Farm Road.
Left back into River Road.
STRAIGHT AHEAD onto Rotary Park Road, taking you down past the Logan River on your left.
Right onto Alberton Road, taking you past the St Peters Church and the Alberton Cricket Club.
All the way to the end and then left back onto Stapylton Jacobs Well Road.
Travelling on Stapylton Jacobs Well Road, you will pass Rocky Point AU on your left and further down the road, the Woongoolba Tennis Club on your right. (There are some HUGE Minions at the corner of Cooks Road on your left).
Passing the Woongoolba State School on your left, there are public toilets on your right in front of the Woongoolba Hall to the left.
Take the next left into Mill Road.
Drive past the Rocky Point Sugar Mill, Australia’s only family owned mill.
Right onto Homestead Road.
Left onto Short Cut Road.
Left onto Cabbage Tree Point Road.
Turn around cul-de-sac at Charlie Hammel Park right at the end. There are public toilets here. (Look out for dolphins…there have been a few around lately)
Back down Cabbage Tree Point Road, winding around to your left and taking you south past Horizon Shores Marina.
Left onto Stapylton Jacobs Well Road at the T-intersection.
All the way to Jacobs Well, but as you come down the straight and if your kids are keen for a Rock Minion Hunt: Dungara Park is on your left. There’s 50 hiding in and around the trees!
Left at the roundabout down the main business street of Jacobs Well.
Turn around at the boat ramp car park, passing the new Jacobs Well Jetty. There are public toilets here.
Back down the main street.
Left at the roundabout onto Helmore Road and drive all the way to the end.
Left into Harbour Drive at Calypso Bay.
Turn left into Harrigans Lane.
Finishing at Harrigan’s Irish Drift Inn at the end of Harrigan’s Lane.
There are small directional red arrow signs to help you along the way, so keep an eye out for them also.

Minion Rock Hunt at Dungara Park

During this year’s Cane Mulch Minion Festival, we have added a Rock Minion Hunt!
From Monday to Monday, there will be 50 Rock Minions hidden in Dungara Park, Jacobs Well. See how many your little ones can find!
If your children want to “capture” one, please do it with a photo, so that other kids can also find them.

More Minion Fun at Harrigan’s Calypso Bay

Harrigan’s Calypso Bay is your final Cane Mulch Minion Trail site, starting next Monday the 27th.
Monday & Tuesday, there will be Rock Minions hiding in the gardens for the kids to find and take a picture with if they like.
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday there will be a reptile show and face painting from 12.30 – 1.30pm.

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