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Fletcher, Harper and I first met Georgina the owner of Cheeky Monkey Sensory Kits at the new Ormeau Markets. Georgina had a great market set-up including a sensory play area for children to interact with her products. I could tell right away that Georgina was passionate about helping families bring sensory play to their homes.

After meeting Georgina and seeing her beautiful sensory kits for babies & toddlers I knew I wanted to share Cheeky Monkey Sensory Kits with you all, especially because:

  • Georgina is a stay-at-home Mum running a small business from home
  • It’s a local business based in Ormeau
  • I am always looking for ideas to make busy mum’s lives easier
  • I am also always on the look-out for unique gift ideas for babies and toddlers.

So without further ado, here is more information about Cheeky Monkey Sensory Kits:

The Cheeky Monkey Sensory Kits Story:

In the words of Georgina herself:

After I had my son, I was eagerly researching how I could implement meaningful play into his daily routine and how I could ensure that I was setting up the best possible foundations in his first year of life. This is when I discovered the incredible world of sensory play.

I became super passionate about creating sensory-rich experiences for Noah but I could never find the one supplier to purchase all my baby sensory resources. Consequently, once Noah became older and I found myself with some free time, I decided to create this business for other parents out there wanting to dive into sensory play. I’ve created my sensory kits specifically to give you an all-inclusive product, delivering both the resources and the inspiration to play all day with your little one.

Essentially, my business is centred on providing other parents with the information and resources that I wish I had back then. I am confident in the practicality, value and quality of these sensory kits and I can’t wait to see how these kits will be used in your home!

More about Cheeky Monkey Sensory Kits

Beautiful sensory kits are available for the following age groups:

Babies 0-4 Months Old

Baby sensory kits full of gorgeous sensory items for you to engage in meaningful sensory play with your baby. These kits have been created for the introductory age of 0-4 months old, however these resources can be used for months and even years beyond this age bracket. Check them out.

Babies 4-8 Months Old

All-inclusive sensory kits are perfect for introducing around the 4-8 month age bracket. All of our resources have been selected specifically to be open-ended, meaning they can be used for months and even years later. See them for yourself.

Babies 8-12 Months Old

All-inclusive sensory kits are ideal for introducing your child around the 8-12 month age bracket. They have been carefully crafted to foster independence through play, creativity and curiosity. Find out more.

Toddlers 1-3 Years Old

Kits ideal for toddlers 1-3 years old, because they do not include any small loose parts. If your toddler is still putting objects into their mouth, these kits provide the perfect opportunity for them to still enjoy sensorial exploration in a safe environment. Explore the options.

Toddlers 3 Plus Years Old

These kits encourage your toddler to be creative, curious, imaginative and inquisitive. Small parts can be found within these kits, therefore for safety reasons are not suitable for children under the age of three. Discover more.

Photo Gallery

See more of the Cheeky Monkey Sensory Kits beautiful product range below:

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