Tin Cup Cafe Beenleigh

Tin Cup Cafe Beenleigh


Quaint cafe set within the Beenleigh Historic Village. Good old-fashioned hospitality and home-style food.


Key Details

Address: 205 Main Street, Beenleigh QLD 4208

Google Map Directions

Time from Ormeau HQ: 9 minutes (10.5km)

Contacts: 0492 975 879 Email    Facebook   Website

Hours: Monday to Friday: 7.30am to 2pm, Saturday: 7am to 2pm, Sunday: Closed


Tin Cup Cafe is a little bit different and a fun toddler friendly dining option for breakfast, coffee and cake and lunch.


Just off the freeway, off exit 35, tucked away within the lush gardens of Beenleigh Historic Village sits a rustic cafe in the old beenleigh train station. You have arrived at the Tin Cup Cafe.


Take a seat at your table and take in the view, family atmostphere and get ready to experience some good old fashioned service.


Tin Cup Cafe specialise in the All Day Breakfast, weekend brunch, desonshire tea and high teas and homestyle lunches like mince on toast and bangers n mash and home baked sweet treats. See full menu in the gallery below.

Toddler Review

These are the things that keep me coming back to the Tin Cup Cafe Beenleigh:

  • The Big Breakfast easily feeds me and the two toddlers with food left over
  • Beautiful location for a meal
  • Family atmostphere and service
  • No official kids menu but talk to the staff about what they may have on offer that day
  • The home baked treats!! Check their Facebook Page to see what’s in the oven on your chosen day.
  • Nice and unique option for coffee catch-up with other mums
  • Lovely walk in through the main entry of the Historical Village where you can talk to your toddlers about “the olden days” and what they can see
  • We always take a walk on the grass out the front of the cafe to check out the windmill and creek
  • Toddlers get excited to watch when the trains go by
  • More than just a cafe or restaurant it really is, it’s own unique experience
  • If you are lucky you may get a visit from Mr Westiner during your visit

We can never take a visit to Tin Cup Cafe without a stopover to Doug Larsen Park to find the ducks and have a play on the playground. I would recommend setting aside the morning or afternoon so you can cross both Tin Cup Cafe and Doug Larsen Park off your Fun Things for your Toddler list at the same time.


What to pack (suggestions)

  • Snacks and Water Bottles (I always include a snack in case there is a delay with your meals)
  • Tablet or phone or restaurant friendly toys for easy distraction / entertainment
  • Packet of wipes for spills and toddler clean-up


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